SMM (social media marketing) is a set of activities and strategies aimed at managing and promoting a brand, product or service on popular social media platforms.

As part of the SMM service, the development and implementation of marketing campaigns, the creation and publication of content, reputation management, analysis and monitoring of audience activity are carried out.

The SMM service is necessary both for companies that are already actively using social media, and for those who are just starting their journey in online promotion. The number of social media users continues to grow rapidly and they represent a huge audience with the potential to attract new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones.

With the help of SMM service, companies can increase awareness of their brand, improve their image, increase customer loyalty, increase traffic to the site or store, as well as increase conversions and sales.

An integrated approach to SMM allows you to effectively use various social networks to achieve your goals. An SMM strategy includes creating engaging and meaningful content, interacting with your audience, managing your reputation, and advertising on social media.

The cost of the work
working days for submission
Strengthening the company’s image and creating a positive reputation
Increasing the level of engagement and loyalty of the audience
Increasing brand awareness among the target audience
Increase traffic to the website or offline store

Development stages

Analysis and identification of the target audience
At this stage, an analysis and research of potential customers, their characteristics and preferences is carried out. The purpose of this analysis is to determine the target audience that will be most interested in the product or service, and the most effective overlay of this audience with social media platforms.
Developing an SMM strategy
At this stage, the goals and objectives to be achieved through social media are determined. As part of the strategy, social media platforms are selected where promotion will take place. A content plan is also being developed for regular and high-quality publication of content on selected platforms.
Create and publish content
This stage involves creating unique and engaging content, including texts, images, or videos. Content should be contextually targeted and relevant to the target audience. Once content is created, it is planned and published regularly on social media platforms.
Interaction with the audience
At this stage, there is an active interaction with the audience. This includes responding to user comments and questions, organizing contests, polls and other interactive formats. It is important to maintain an active dialogue with the audience in order to create a positive brand impression and strengthen relationships with customers.
Reputation Management
At this stage, mentions of the brand, goods or services in social media are monitored. The goal is to respond to negative reviews and constructive feedback, as well as to create a positive brand image and protect it from unscrupulous competitors.
Analysis and monitoring of performance
At the end of the work, the collection and analysis of data on audience engagement, traffic and conversion from social media platforms is carried out. The effectiveness of marketing campaigns and content is evaluated. The results obtained help to make adjustments to the strategy to improve performance and achieve the goals.


What results can I expect from the SMM service?
The results may include an increase in the number of subscribers, increased public engagement, increased traffic to your website or blog, increased conversions, and increased awareness and loyalty to your brand.
What is included in the performance review and monitoring report?
The performance analysis and monitoring report provides data on audience engagement, clicks, views, comments and other social media metrics. We also provide guidance and advice on changing the strategy to improve results.
How do you track my brand's social media reputation?
We use special tools and programs to monitor mentions of your brand, products or services in social media. We respond to negative comments and reviews, offer constructive feedback, and protect your reputation.
What content will be created and shared on social media platforms?
Together with you, we develop a content plan that includes texts, images or videos. The content will be created taking into account the interests and preferences of your target audience in order to attract and keep their attention.
How do you define the target audience for my brand?
We analyze your industry, study the characteristics of your current audience, and conduct competitor research. Based on the results of the analysis, we determine the target audience that is most interested in your product or service.
How do you maintain interaction with the audience?
We actively respond to comments, questions and messages from users on social media platforms. We also organize contests, polls, and other interactive formats to encourage audience interaction and participation.
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