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The company "Strela-M" is engaged in the provision of equipment for rent. To ensure maximum utilization of the fleet and increase the efficiency of resource use, the company needs to develop an automated portal for renting equipment. The case considers the process of developing and implementing this portal, as well as assessing its impact on the company's work.
In the face of growing competition in the rental market, it is important for companies to quickly provide their services to customers and ensure the efficient use of their fleet. The lack of a centralized system for fleet and customer management results in underutilized or underutilized vehicles and complex booking processes. Also, there is a decrease in the level of customer service due to an inconvenient and costly service process, which negatively affects the company's reputation.
Develop and implement an automated equipment rental portal that will ensure maximum utilization of the company's fleet. This portal will focus on customer convenience and accessibility, as well as streamlining booking and fleet management processes. As a result, the company will be able to distribute equipment more efficiently among customers, reduce management costs and increase the profitability of its business.

What Did We Do


In the course of designing and developing a service for renting equipment, the first stage was a thorough study of the customer’s business processes and designing the mechanics of the service. This made it possible to think over the key services necessary to ensure ease of use and optimal functionality: a showcase with available equipment, a booking system, a personal account with the possibility of document management for tenants and landlords, as well as integration with acquiring to simplify and secure payments.

Site development and Promotion

After identifying the key services and their functionality, the second stage involved the development of the website itself, taking into account all the agreed requirements.

Further, a comprehensive advertising campaign was developed and implemented to promote the service. It included setting up and launching online advertising aimed at attracting potential tenants and expanding the customer base.

Thus, thanks to a competent advertising strategy, we got the following result:

– Conversion on the site 8.4% to the application
– The cost of the application is about 18,04 €
– Average rental period – 36 hours
– Average number of orders per month – 90

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