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Development and launch of a corporate website for a real estate agency in Dubai - "Fine Living". The case considers the key stages of creating a website, the formation and implementation of a competent marketing strategy using modern digital tools and communication channels.
The company did not have its own corporate website. This created a number of challenges, such as limited outreach to potential clients, a lack of opportunities to showcase their services and real estate offerings in an effective and aesthetic format, and challenges in building and maintaining a corporate image online.
Create a functional and attractive corporate website that would become the basis for online interaction with customers. Develop the presence of the agency in social networks, taking into account the characteristics of the target audience and the local market. Develop and implement a marketing strategy that will effectively attract and retain potential customers.

What Did We Do


First of all, we started to study the peculiarities of the local market of real estate agencies in Dubai. The needs and interests of potential customers were analyzed, as well as the main competitors in this area, their offers and marketing strategies.

Based on the received data, the overall plan for the development of Fine Living agency was formed, which included positioning, defining a unique offer for clients and long-term plans to expand its presence in the market.

Site development

After defining the development strategy, the team moved on to developing a corporate website for the Fine Living agency. The online platform provided for the presentation by owners and buyers of various types of real estate available in Dubai. Accordingly, the site had to provide a complete catalog of objects, taking into account all the features of the property and the requirements of potential customers.

For this, a convenient user interface was introduced, with the ability to filter by parameters such as area, price, type of property and other key characteristics. In the card of each object, in addition to a detailed description, there were high-quality photographs.

Considerable attention was paid to the creation of individual CTA forms (Call to Action), which stimulated site users to be active and converted them into potential customers.


After completing the development of a corporate website for the Fine Living agency, the team focused on its successful promotion in order to attract potential customers and expand the client base. As a first step, official social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram were created for the agency, enabling it to reach a wide audience and bring awareness to the subject of real estate in the region.

In addition to accounts in social networks, it was decided to use contextual advertising using YAN (Yandex advertising network) and targeted advertising on Instagram and Facebook platforms. Setting up contextual advertising attracted visitors to the site for relevant queries, while targeted advertising campaigns allowed the team to address the maximum target audiences based on their interests, demographics and other key parameters.

Thus, with the help of effective promotion tools, the company was able to significantly improve its visibility, attract new customers and strengthen its position in the market:

  • Conversion on the site 3.4% to the application
  • Average check – 505 000 €
  • Average number of applications per month – 325
  • The average cost of an application is 9 €
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