Online store “ZakazVSad”

The ZakazVSad company successfully applied its business model in the offline sphere, selling plant seedlings for gardeners and landscape design enthusiasts. In order to expand its customer base and increase sales, the company decided to create and promote its online store.
The company had a successful offline business, but limited geographically and by the size of its customer base. Under these conditions, the need to modernize and adapt the business to market requirements, through entering online sales, in order to increase coverage and increase sales, has become obvious.
Based on the existing successful offline business model, it was very important for the owner of the company to adapt his enterprise to the requirements of the modern market by moving to the online space. It was also necessary to conduct high-quality SEO optimization in order to increase the visibility of the store and get high positions in search engine results.

What Did We Do


As part of the development of an online store, first a technical task was drawn up, the analysis of which resulted in the definition of the key requirements and functionality necessary for the successful implementation of the resource.

Site development

Taking into account the specifics of the industry, in the process of creating the store, integrations were made with the 1C system for effective accounting and management of goods turnover, with transport companies for fast and reliable delivery of orders, and with acquiring services to ensure the safety and ease of accepting payments from customers.


To promote the online store, a comprehensive SEO optimization was carried out, including internal and external processing of the resource. Internal optimization included improving the site structure, optimizing meta tags, titles and text content to increase the relevance of pages to search queries. External optimization is aimed at working with the link profile of the store, increasing the authority of the domain and creating valuable content to attract new users and partners.

In addition, e-mail newsletters were set up to maintain active interaction with the existing audience. These mailings contained useful information about upcoming promotions, new products and useful tips.

Thus, with the help of effective promotion tools, the ZakazVSad online store was able to significantly improve its visibility, attract new customers and strengthen its position in the market:

  • Website conversion 2.8% in sale
  • Average check – 26,30 €
  • Average number of sales per month – 1,510
  • The amount of sales per season – 163300 €
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