Performance marketing


Performance marketing is a marketing strategy aimed at achieving specific results and maximizing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. It differs from traditional marketing, where the emphasis is on brand awareness, by fully measuring and analyzing key performance indicators.

As part of the Performance Marketing service, a complete analysis of the market, target audience and competitors is carried out to determine the best strategies and promotion channels. After that, an advertising campaign is created and optimized, focused on achieving specific goals, such as increasing sales, conversions or increasing brand awareness.

The main goal of Performance marketing is to ensure the maximum match between advertising costs and the results obtained, so that every ruble invested brings the maximum profit. To achieve this goal, various analytical tools, monitoring and optimization of the entire marketing process are used.

Performance marketing service is necessary for any company that strives to effectively conduct its advertising campaigns and get the maximum result from every ruble invested. It is especially useful for small and medium businesses that need to use their marketing resources in the most efficient way. It is also suitable for large companies that want to optimize their entire advertising strategy and increase the effectiveness of all promotion channels.

The cost of the work
working days for submission
Optimization of advertising costs and minimization of costs for inefficient channels
Personalization of advertising and communication with each client, taking into account his needs
Risk minimization through testing multiple channels
Accurate assessment of the effectiveness of each marketing campaign and customer acquisition channel

Development stages

Analysis and strategy
At this stage, a deep analysis of the business, competitors, audience and market is carried out. Specialists study the goals and objectives of the client and develop a strategy that will best suit his needs. The analysis allows you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the business, as well as identify competitive advantages.
Selection of advertising channels
At this stage, specialists analyze various advertising channels and choose the most suitable ones for a particular business and its target audience. Factors such as ad cost, conversion, and channel performance are taken into account. The choice is based on data analysis and strategy.
Create and optimize promotional materials
At this stage, advertisements, banners, landing pages and other materials are being developed that will be used as part of the advertising campaign. They are optimized for the target audience and advertising channels in order to increase conversion and performance indicators.
Launch and test advertising campaigns
After the creation of advertising materials, advertising campaigns are launched on the selected channels. In parallel, various ad options and strategies are being tested in order to optimize the results. Testing allows you to determine the most effective options and improve campaign results.
Optimization and monitoring
Performance marketing specialists carefully monitor all indicators and metrics of advertising campaigns. They are constantly optimizing, making changes to improve results and achieve the highest return on investment (ROI). Monitoring allows you to track changes in the market and the audience, which will help you adjust the strategy and tactics of an advertising campaign in real time.
Analytics and reporting
After some time of work, a deep analysis of the data is carried out and a detailed report on the results of the work is prepared. Analytics helps identify successful and ineffective elements of a campaign, determine the reasons for success or failure, and take the necessary actions to further improve results.
Improve results
Based on data analysis and reporting, performance marketing specialists make adjustments to the strategy and tactics of advertising campaigns. They take into account the results of previous campaigns and try to improve the effectiveness of each subsequent campaign. Iteration allows you to gradually achieve greater success and improve performance indicators.
Continuous support and development
Performance marketing is not a one-time service. This is a process that requires constant support and development. Specialists continue to monitor and optimize advertising campaigns, as well as offer new ideas and strategies for further business development. Support and development help to get stable and high results in the long term.


What are the main advantages of Performance Marketing over traditional marketing methods?
Performance marketing provides an opportunity to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and pay only for specific results. This allows you to use your advertising budget more efficiently and achieve the highest return on investment.
What kind of support does your company provide when implementing Performance Marketing?
Our company provides full support in all stages of the implementation of Performance Marketing. We develop a strategy, select the best channels, launch and optimize advertising campaigns, and regularly analyze the results and provide recommendations for improvement.
What results can you expect from Performance Marketing?
Results may vary depending on your business goals. However, with the right setup and optimization of your ad campaigns, you can expect higher conversions, higher sales, and improved customer engagement.
What indicators and metrics are tracked as part of Performance Marketing?
Tracking indicators and metrics depends on the specific goals of your business. However, the most commonly tracked metrics are number of sales, customer acquisition cost, conversion funnel, average check, and ROI.
How much does Performance Marketing cost?
The cost of performance marketing can vary depending on the size and complexity of the advertising campaigns, the channels used, and the desired results. We will provide you with an individual commercial offer tailored to your needs.
How fast can I get results from Performance Marketing?
The speed at which you achieve results depends on many factors, including your current market position, competition, and the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. We strive to achieve results as quickly as possible, however, the exact timing will be discussed individually.
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