Drawing up a preliminary marketing strategy


It is a process aimed at developing an action plan that helps the company to effectively promote its business and achieve its goals. This service has a number of benefits and is aimed at helping companies understand their target audience, improve customer interaction and increase competitiveness.

As part of this service, an analysis of the market and competitors is carried out, the strengths and weaknesses of the business are determined, as well as the needs and preferences of the target audience. As a result of this analysis, a marketing strategy is developed, which includes the definition of target segments, the choice of positioning, the development of marketing tools and tactics to attract and retain customers.

The Pre-Marketing Strategy Development service is useful for companies of all sizes and industries. It is especially important for aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups who need to define their niche in the market, develop a unique offer, and develop effective marketing strategies to attract their first customers.

The cost of the work
working days for submission
Development of marketing tools and tactics to attract and retain customers
Identification of the needs and preferences of the target audience for precise targeting
Strengthening the position in the market and increasing the competitiveness of the enterprise
Development of effective marketing strategies to increase sales

Development stages

Market research and competitor analysis
At this stage, the market is analyzed, the state of the industry is studied, trends and development prospects are identified. It also analyzes competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses.
Determining the target audience and segmentation
An important step is to identify the key target audience, that is, the group of potential customers that the strategy will target. Audience segmentation into narrower groups can also be carried out for more precise targeting.
Goal setting and KPIs
The specific goals that are supposed to be achieved with the help of a marketing strategy are determined. They can be related to increasing sales, increasing brand awareness, improving reputation, etc. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are also established by which the success of the strategy will be evaluated.
Selection of marketing tools and acquisition channels
At this stage, the most effective marketing tools and channels that will be used to implement the strategy are determined. This may include tools such as advertising, PR activities, content marketing, social media, etc.
Define budget and action plan
The budget that will be allocated for the implementation of the strategy is determined, and a detailed action plan is developed with specific steps, deadlines and responsible persons.
Monitoring and analysis of results
After the implementation of the strategy, it is important to monitor and analyze its results. This will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy, identify weaknesses and make adjustments for further improvement.


What results can I expect from this service?
The result of our work will be the development of a marketing strategy that will help you achieve your goals, increase brand awareness and improve the effectiveness of marketing activities.
What information do I need to provide before starting work?
To draw up a preliminary marketing strategy, we will need information about your business, goals, current marketing activities, as well as access to analytical and statistical data.
What are the terms of the service?
The time required to draw up a preliminary marketing strategy depends on the complexity and volume of tasks, as well as on the deadlines set by the client. It usually takes from several weeks to several months.
Is it possible to make changes to the strategy in the course of the work?
Our company is flexible and ready to meet your needs. If the need arises or changes in the process of work, we will be able to make appropriate adjustments and adapt the strategy.
Why do I need a preliminary marketing strategy?
A preliminary marketing strategy allows you to identify not only the main problems and tasks in the field of marketing your business, but also to identify competitive advantages, develop a unique offer, and plan the necessary resources and budget to achieve your goals.
Do you provide advice on strategy implementation?
Yes, we provide consulting services on the implementation of a preliminary marketing strategy. Our experts are ready to answer your questions, provide advice and help you achieve the most effective results.
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