Drawing up a marketing strategy


In today’s business world, where competition is so intense that it is impossible to survive without an effective marketing strategy, achieving success in the market is becoming increasingly difficult. We offer a marketing strategy development service for your company that will help you create and implement an effective action plan to achieve your business goals.

We carry out an integrated approach to the preparation of a marketing strategy, starting with the analysis of your niche, studying competitors and analyzing your audience. Based on the data obtained, we will help you determine the target audience, its needs and expectations, which will allow you to position your company more effectively in the market.

We will also develop comprehensive marketing planning that will include both traditional marketing tools and digital marketing technologies. In addition, in the process of developing a marketing strategy, we will pay attention to the unique features of your company and your niche in order to offer the most effective and optimal solutions.

Our team consists of experienced marketers and professionals who are ready to develop a marketing strategy that meets your needs and business goals. We guarantee an individual approach to each client and long-term cooperation in order to best meet all your needs.

The cost of the work
working days for submission
Helps you focus on key aspects of business development and understand how you can achieve your goals
Helps you determine how to stand out and attract more customers.
Will allow the company to maintain its position in the market, develop new segments and develop business
Allows you to reduce costs and make the most efficient use of available resources (budget, staff, technology and materials)

Development stages

Analysis of the situation
At this stage, a complete analysis of the current situation of the company and its environment is carried out. This includes an analysis of internal factors (products, prices, distribution, marketing) and external factors (market, competitors, consumers). The purpose of this analysis is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as opportunities and threats.
Definition of goals and objectives
Based on the analysis of the situation, the main goals and objectives that the company wants to achieve with the help of a marketing strategy are determined.
Determining the target audience
At this stage, the target audience is determined, that is, those people or groups who are the main consumers of the company's products or services. The target audience must be defined as precisely as possible so that the most effective marketing activities can be developed.
Development of positioning
Based on the analysis of competitors and consumers, positioning is developed – a unique place for the company in the market. Positioning should reflect the features and advantages of the company in comparison with competitors and be attractive to the target audience.
Choice of marketing strategies and tactics
At this stage, specific marketing strategies and tactics are selected that will be used to achieve the goals. For example, it could be a differentiation strategy, a pricing strategy, or a market segmentation strategy. Tactics can include advertising, social media promotion, hosting events, and more.
Assess results and adjust strategy
After launching marketing activities, their results should be evaluated. If the results do not meet expectations, the strategy may be reviewed and adjusted. This stage is continuous and requires constant monitoring and analysis of the results.
Develop a budget and action plan
At the last stage, a budget and an action plan are developed based on the chosen marketing strategy. The budget should take into account all the necessary expenses for marketing activities, and the action plan should define specific steps and deadlines for their implementation.


Why do you need a marketing strategy for your business?
A marketing strategy helps you navigate the marketplace, stand out from the competition, set up communication with customers, increase awareness and awareness of your product or service, and achieve revenue growth and customer satisfaction.
What documents are required to draw up a marketing strategy?
To draw up a marketing strategy, you will need information about the business, its goals and target audience, competitor analysis, the market and current marketing activities. Also useful is information about previous market research and other data related to the business.
How long does it take to write a marketing strategy?
The time it takes to put together a marketing strategy depends on various factors such as the complexity of the business, the amount of work involved, and the availability of the required data. On average, this process can take several weeks to several months.
Will I need to be involved in the marketing strategy process?
Yes, you are a key participant in the marketing strategy development process, as our team works in partnership, and together with you we will be able to determine the right strategy and plan actions.
What results can be expected from the development of a marketing strategy?
A properly developed marketing strategy will allow you to achieve the company's goals in the market, increase profits, expand your customer base, increase brand awareness, and improve interaction with the target audience.
How do you consider budget constraints when developing your marketing strategy?
We help companies develop an effective marketing strategy within their budgetary constraints. We can offer a variety of options to optimize your marketing spend and get the most bang for your buck.
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