Competitor analysis


Competitive analysis is an important tool in making strategic decisions and allows companies to better understand the market situation and act in accordance with it.

Our specialists carry out in-depth market research, analysis of the main competitors and their activities. This process involves collecting and analyzing information about competitors such as their products or services, marketing strategies, prices, strengths and weaknesses of their business. In addition, an analysis of consumer demand, trends and trends in the market is carried out, as well as an assessment of the competitiveness of one’s own company.

This service is useful for various organizations and entrepreneurs who strive to be successful in the market. It can be useful for companies planning to enter a new market or expand their operations. It may also be necessary to identify competitive advantages and develop strategies to achieve competitive advantage. Competitive analysis can also help organizations improve their products, identify market trends and needs, and develop strong marketing strategies to attract customers.

The cost of the work
working days for submission
Contributes to product/service improvement and customer satisfaction
Helps to discover new opportunities and trends in the market
Allows finding points of differentiation from competitors
Aids in increasing the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns

Development stages

Collecting Information
At this stage, a systematic collection and analysis of information about competitors is carried out. Data sources are being researched, including company websites, customer testimonials, reports and media publications.
Identification of competitors
Here, a market analysis is carried out in order to identify real competitors, their segments and major players. Their strategies, goals and strengths are identified.
Analysis of goods/services
At this stage, a comparative analysis of the offered goods or services of competitors is carried out. Features, advantages and disadvantages are identified, as well as the price structure and delivery conditions are analyzed.
Analysis of marketing and advertising strategies
Here is the study of marketing and advertising campaigns of competitors. Their pricing policy, market positioning, use of media channels and approaches to promoting a product or service are analyzed.
Definition of competitive advantage
At this stage, an analysis of their own advantages and opportunities for distinguishing themselves from competitors is carried out. Unique factors that can attract more customers are identified.
Assessment of Threats and Opportunities
It analyzes the competitive environment and identifies potential threats and opportunities for business. The factors that may affect the market position of the company are evaluated.
Developing strategies and tactics
At this stage, strategies and tactics are determined based on the analysis of competitors. Goals, objectives and action plans are formulated to achieve success in the market.
Monitoring and updating
After the previous stages have been completed, competitors' activities are constantly monitored and the analysis is regularly updated. This helps to keep abreast of changes in the market and adapt to them.


What sources of information are used to analyze competitors?
We use a variety of sources of information, including company websites, reports, media publications, customer reviews, and other available sources, to collect up-to-date competitor data.
What analysis is used to compare our products/services with competitors?
We use comparative analysis, which helps to identify the features, advantages and disadvantages of our products / services compared to competitors. Price structure, delivery terms and other factors are analyzed to determine our competitiveness.
What strategies and tactics are developed after competitor analysis?
Based on the analysis, we develop strategies and tactics that will allow us to achieve competitive advantages. Goals, objectives and action plans are formulated to improve the market position and attract more customers.
How long does competitor analysis take?
The time required to analyze competitors depends on the size of the market, the number of competitors, and the availability of information. This process usually takes from several weeks to several months.
Do you provide recommendations and consultations after analysis?
Yes, we provide guidance and advice on developing strategies and tactics to achieve competitive advantage. We can also help implement and monitor these action plans.
What aspects of competitors' marketing and advertising strategies are analyzed?
We analyze competitors' marketing and advertising campaigns, their pricing policies, market positioning, media usage, and approaches to promoting a product or service. This helps us understand how competitors attract and retain customers.
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