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We offer a full cycle of work on creating a business card website: from concept and design to programming and testing. Our developers, designers and project managers have extensive experience in developing unique business card websites with individual development, functionality and structure.

We take into account all your manufacturers and offer solutions that will fit your desires and budget. Our business card sites include all the necessary elements, such as information about companies, services, contact details, photos and videos. We also offer additional features such as online forms, calculators, comments, blogs and more.

We guarantee original design, high-quality layout and easy navigation on the site. We always listen carefully to you and take into account all your wishes and requirements. Our goal is to create a business card site that will be effective for promoting your business on the Internet.

The cost of the work
working days for submission
For small and medium businesses who want to present their company on the Internet
For aspiring entrepreneurs on a tight budget
For individuals who would like to talk about their services
For a brief presentation of information about the company, products or services

Site structure

Development stages

Interview and analytics
Development begins with the definition of the business goal and business task of the Customer. Then we analyze the Client's information environment and current business processes.
Compilation of terms of reference
Based on the information obtained at the previous stage, the requirements of the Customer and our own capabilities, we draw up a TOR. It describes the technical requirements and all functional modules, approves the procedure for registration and acceptance of the result.
Next, we move on to prototyping – we visualize the future product according to the requirements of the Customer and the analysis carried out, build the page structure for visual presentation and create interactive prototypes.
Design development
Design work begins with the definition of the overall visual concept and style of the product being developed. For the presentation, we are preparing a demonstration of the interface elements, as well as showing all the animations that will be used in the future.
Frontend and Backend development
For each project, we individually select developers with the appropriate level and technology stack. Everything that was thought up in the previous stages is now implemented in the form of code.
An important step in creating a quality product is testing. During testing, a thorough check of the site for its performance is carried out, as well as prompt elimination of all errors.
Project Transfer
After completing all the stages of developing and creating a product, we transfer it to the Customer – we demonstrate all the functionality and common parts of the web resource. In addition, we provide training for employees of the Client's company.
We form a separate category for requests from the Customer's employees regarding the functioning of the product. Upon additional requests of the Client, we organize server monitoring, up-to-date software support, and a backup system.

Successful projects


What is the difference between a landing page and a business card site?
A landing page is a page designed for a specific product, service or event. A business card site is a small site containing several pages that provide basic information about a company.
How long does it take to develop a business card site?
Development time starts from 20 days. It all depends on the scale of the project and feedback from the client.
We don't have materials for the site, is it possible to start development?
It is important for us to know what goals you want to achieve with the help of the site. Writing texts and creating content is our task, and we are ready to help you with this!
Can you help with the promotion of a business card site?
Yes, sure. We can help you, for example, with SEO-optimization of the site, setting up and maintaining contextual advertising in search engines.
What content should be on a business card site?
The content of a business card site should be short, informative and easy to read. The site should have a list of goods and services, a description of their benefits and cost.
Can I change or add information to the site in the future?
Yes, you can change and supplement the information on the site. For this, CMS systems such as WordPress are often used, which allow you to manage the content of the site.
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