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Website development

Building your own website can be an important step in growing your business. In our modern digital age, an online presence can play a critical role in attracting new customers, establishing the trust of potential partners, and strengthening the loyalty of existing customers. However, before you start building a web page for your business, it’s important to understand what type of site would be best for your purposes.

Landing Page

Landing pages are one-page sites created for an advertising campaign in order to attract the attention and interest of potential customers in a particular product or service. Landing pages usually contain a brief description of the product/service, key benefits, a contact form, and a call to action (for example, a “Buy Now” or “Subscribe” button). They allow you to focus on a specific goal and increase conversion.

Business card site

A business card site is an online analogue of a business business card. Such a site contains basic information about the company or personal data of the owner, such as contact information, descriptions of services or products, and photographs. It usually consists of several pages and allows you to present your company in the best possible light.


Blogs are a great way to create and distribute content. They allow companies to share expertise, product/service information, news, and helpful articles that help build brand credibility and drive visitors to the site. Blogs usually have a comment system that allows you to engage in dialogue with readers and receive feedback. Blogs can be used as an additional resource to provide useful information to clients.

Corporate websites

Corporate websites are the main means of presenting a company on the Internet. They include information about the company, its history, products/services, contact information and other important data. Corporate websites are usually static and informational in nature, offering users general information about the business. This type of site is suitable for large companies that need an online presence to provide information to customers.

Catalog site

A catalog site is used to present goods or services without the possibility of online purchase. It can be useful to raise awareness about products or services and provide additional information such as photos, descriptions, and prices. Potential customers can contact the company for more information or to place an order.

Online store

If your company is in the business of selling products, then setting up an online store can be a great option. This type of site allows you to sell products online, accept payments, and manage inventory. Online stores have functionality for adding goods to the cart, placing orders and delivering goods to customers. They also provide an opportunity for evaluation and feedback from buyers. Online stores are suitable for companies that want to sell products online and expand their customer base.


LMS is an online learning platform that allows organizations to provide and manage training for their employees or customers. It’s a powerful tool for creating and delivering online courses, managing quizzes and assessments, tracking learning progress, and communicating with participants. An LMS can be useful for companies providing professional development, business training, or product training.


Choosing the type of site that best suits your needs is based on the goals you want to achieve with your online presence. Consider your niche and business characteristics, as well as contact experienced web developers to create a quality website that will meet your requirements and expectations. Using the right type of site can greatly enhance your presence in the online world and promote your business.

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