UX/UI Design Pirogovo

In this project, the main task was to create a visually attractive and functional platform that would strengthen the position of the resort in the tourism industry. The new site of the Pirogovo resort combines high-quality design, functionality and usability, creating an unforgettable experience for tourists.
The main problem of the company was the outdated design of the site representing the Pirogovo resort. The site did not meet modern requirements for usability and visual component, which negatively affected the attractiveness of the place for tourists and the conversion of visits into orders.
The main task was to redesign the website of the Pirogovo resort, which would help strengthen its position in the tourism industry, emphasizing the status, visual appeal and convenient location.

What Did We Do

UX analytics

During the UX analytics phase, a study of competitors in the travel industry was conducted to identify the advantages and disadvantages of their booking platforms. After analyzing the data and clear trends, key factors were identified that should have been given special attention when designing the design of the PIRohovo resort website.

One of these factors was to ensure that the site is user-friendly for people of all ages, as well as a visual demonstration of the location of the resort. In addition, the customer focused on the Mobile First approach, so the main advantages of the mobile applications of Booking, Airbnb and Yandex.Travel services were analyzed in order to take them into account and implement them in the new design of the resort website.

To facilitate the booking process and simplify navigation, competitors were analyzed and effective practices were identified for their implementation in the new design. Critical paths have been identified and user-friendly interfaces have been created that will allow users to get to the necessary information and make a booking in the least amount of time and effort.

UI design

At the UI design stage, careful developments were made to create the design of the PIRohovo resort website. Color schemes, fonts, and element layouts were analyzed to determine the optimal design, which was appropriately designed to give status and elegance to the website.

To achieve the goal of giving status, it was deliberately decided not to use icons on the site. Instead, a grotesque font was chosen – Poppy, which gives the site a sophistication and taste that matches the style of the PIRohovo resort. This font is suitable for creating a relevant corporate look for the site and compensating for the lack of icons.

During the design of the site, the PIRogovo brand color scheme was used, which is a combination of green and white against the background of a turquoise lake. This color combination is recognizable, attractive to the eye and most closely matches the general mood of the resort.

Finally, when designing the website design, every detail has been given the utmost care, no matter how insignificant it may seem. The use of these elements, such as vectors, padding, and proportions, helped to create a premium urban feel on the PIRohovo resort website that matches its image. As a result, the unique design of the PIRohovo site emphasizes its elegant qualities and status, reflecting the style and taste of one of the best resorts in the region.

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