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About what
This case is dedicated to the project of creating a modern website for the company Salon Home Decor, a premium online boutique of household goods with showrooms in Moscow and Novosibirsk.
The company was faced with the need to update its web space to meet modern requirements and customer expectations. One of the main problems was the lack of a convenient online payment system and integration with the 1C system and delivery, which made it difficult to interact with customers online. The company also has large clients - hotels, restaurants, for which Salon Home Decor wanted to have personal accounts on the website with individual offers for business.
The goal of the project was to create an innovative website that supports modern design, integrates various payment options, and also provides the possibility of convenient delivery through the popular SDEK service. Additional tasks included expanding functionality, improving navigation, adding new sections and integrating with 1C for effective product range management.

What was done


During the analytics stage, our team conducted a comprehensive study aimed at fully understanding the current situation and needs of Salon Home Decor. We carefully examined Salon Home Decor’s existing website, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. We analyzed the structure of the site, the quality of the content, identified the lack of opportunity to buy goods in installments or on credit, and an unsatisfactory delivery system. It was found that the lack of all online payment options limits customers’ shopping experience, especially given current trends in e-commerce.rnrnMeeted with company representatives to identify their strategic goals, product assortment features, and expectations from the new website. Representatives of the company expressed a desire to strengthen online sales, focusing on ease of payment and a high-quality delivery system. rnrn They analyzed competitors’ websites, identifying best practices and innovative solutions that could be implemented in the new project. A study of the websites of similar boutiques revealed the successful use of interactive elements to attract attention and improve the user experience.

Site development

At this stage, we brought the analytics results to life, creating a modern and functional website. We have developed a unique design that matches the company’s corporate style, emphasizing the premium quality of the products offered. Visual solutions are aimed at creating an attractive and easily recognizable appearance. We added the ability to select different payment methods (online card, credit and Shares service) and integrated the delivery system through SDEK. This is done keeping in mind customers’ needs for convenience and flexibility when shopping. The introduction of the option to pay in installments can stimulate an increase in the average check, and integration with SDEK will ensure reliable and prompt delivery. We introduced a personal account with additional functionality for clients of legal entities. Added new sections Promotions, Cooperation and Training. This expands the functionality of the site, making it more informative and interesting for visitors. The Education section can attract customers by providing them with valuable product information and creating a unique brand image.rnrnImproved navigation for a better user experience. We redesigned the menu and added quick access to key sections, which speeds up the search and purchase process. Moving the main sections to the sidebar menu on mobile devices improved the website’s adaptability. We implemented integration with 1C to more effectively manage the product range, automate processes and improve accounting accuracy. Integration with 1C ensures that information about the availability of goods is up-to-date and eliminates the possibility of errors in inventory management. We also worked on the site’s adaptability for different devices.

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