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The case describes the process of creating and optimizing a web resource for the SladenKo company, specializing in the production and sale of confectionery products. During the case, we will look at what steps need to be taken to create an effective website that will attract more customers and increase the company's sales.
The main problem that the SladenKo company faced was the lack of a web resource. This meant that the company was unable to attract potential customers via the Internet and provide them with information about its production facilities and products. In addition, the company was unable to compete with other players in the confectionery market.
Representing the SladenKo company brand and attracting B2B buyers through digital channels. The main tasks were the development and promotion of the website, presentation of the company on the Internet, and it was also necessary to provide complete information about the company’s products and services.

What Did We Do


To analyze the market, a research analysis was carried out, including an analysis of current trends and forecasts of demand for products, an analysis of key competitors and their strategies, an analysis of the behavior of the target audience and their preferences in choosing products.

Using this data, it was determined that many potential customers today are looking for new products to bring into their stores, while appreciating quality, variety of flavors and attractive packaging designs. Competitors are strong and have their own customer base, but with certain differences SladenKo can offer something new and unique.

Another key point was to analyze the offers of the B2B market, as well as supplies from other manufacturers. A study was conducted of potential partners, their requirements and interests in products, which made it possible to determine general trends in the market and adapt to the preferences of partner companies

Site development

To develop a website for the SladenKo company, the main target audience was taken into account: consumers (B2C) and purchasing department specialists (B2B), for whom a visual presentation of the project was developed.

The SladenKo website was designed to meet the needs of two audience groups, simplify the process of finding the necessary information and interest users with product descriptions and interactive functions.


To promote the SladenKo company website, a number of effective marketing tools were used. One of the main methods was the use of animation, which made it possible to attract attention and involve site visitors in an interactive journey through the culinary world of SladenKo products. This increased conversion and increased the time users spent on the site, which had a positive impact on sales.

In addition, to expand sales channels, an advertising campaign was launched, which made it possible to attract a large number of new customers through various advertising platforms on the Internet and social networks. Thus, the SladenKo company was able to increase its customer pool, achieve greater audience coverage, and also increase overall sales volumes.

As a result, thanks to the use of various marketing strategies, including the use of animation, an advertising campaign and expansion of sales channels, SladenKo successfully promoted its website and increased its customer base, which led to an increase in sales and strengthened its position in the market:

  • Failures – no more than 18%
  • Average time on site – 2:17
  • Conversion to application – 3.1%
  • Average number of applications per month – 45
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