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The case describes a project related to the creation and promotion of the Keratin House online store. The Keratin House online store offers a wide range of professional hair cosmetics specializing in keratin straightening.
The company faced an important problem - the lack of an online presence and the lack of the ability to sell their products via the Internet. In an environment where more and more people prefer to shop online, the lack of an online store becomes a serious disadvantage for any company.
As part of this project, it was required to develop a website that would provide users with a convenient way to select and purchase professional-grade hair cosmetics, as well as implement an appropriate marketing strategy aimed at attracting and retaining customers.

What Did We Do


Before starting the online store development project, a comprehensive market analysis of this sector was carried out. The features of the functioning of existing cosmetics stores were analyzed and an assessment was made of their success. The success of competitors in the field of keratin straightening was also studied and an analysis of their main advantages was carried out.

Based on the data obtained as a result of the study, a detailed business plan was created, which included a description of the main stages of project development, key activities to promote the store and improve its profitability, as well as a long-term development strategy. Market analysis allowed us to determine the most effective methods of communication with customers and set product pricing, which was an important step in the development of a competitive professional hair cosmetics store in the keratin straightening industry.

Site development

As part of the project, site layouts were created and the design solution and content were approved. The main task was to create a convenient and intuitive interface that would allow potential customers to find the necessary goods quickly and without wasting time.

The functional elements necessary for the operation of the online store were also developed and implemented, including the integration of payment systems and the installation of an order accounting system. One of the most important elements of the site was the Personal Account, which is aimed at ensuring maximum convenience for customers when placing orders and paying for goods. As part of the development of the site, its adaptive and fast display on all devices was also ensured.


To increase awareness and promote the site, various marketing strategies are integrated, including the launch of advertising campaigns. The most effective platforms and tools for advertising were chosen, which made it possible to attract new visitors and users to the site on a daily basis.

Advertising campaigns were launched on social networks, contextual advertising sites and search engines. Also, measures were taken to optimize the content of the site for search robots – SEO. This allowed us to increase traffic to the site and improve its promotion in search engines, which in turn increased the conversion and revenue of the store.

Thus, with the help of effective promotion tools, the company was able to significantly improve its visibility, attract new customers and strengthen its position in the market:

  • Website conversion 4.2% to sales
  • Average check – 22 €
  • Average number of sales per month – 520
  • The average cost of an application is 4 €
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