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The case describes the process of creating and optimizing a landing page for a company providing psychological assistance services via chat. Also, as part of the case, methods for analyzing and optimizing web analytics to improve the quality of traffic to the site, as well as approaches to improving user experience on the landing page, will be considered.
One of the main problems of the company Ponimayu was the lack of its own web resource, where customers could get acquainted with the services and get more detailed information about the proposed chat consultations. Without a website, the company was limited in its ability to acquire new customers through online channels.
Develop and launch an effective landing page for referring a chat-counseling company Ponimayu, providing psychological support services. The main task of the development is to attract more target customers to the site and increase the conversion into leads, that is, into visitors who are interested in services.

What Did We Do


For the successful launch of the product, the company conducted a market and product analysis to assess the demand for chat counseling services in the field of psychological assistance and identify the competitive advantages of their company in the market. Trends and consumer profile as well as the competitive environment were studied, including an analysis of the performance of existing psychological counseling and therapeutic services available in the region. In addition, an assessment was made of the audience in the online segment and their preferences in purchasing services via the Internet.

Site development

The company’s website was developed and launched based on the market and product analysis carried out to meet the needs of the target audience of chat consultation services in the field of psychological support.

The site was implemented convenient and intuitive navigation, which ensured ease of use of services. To increase credibility and trust, the site provided detailed information about the company and specialists, professional qualities and certifications.


To promote the site, we used an integrated approach that included a set of tools with an emphasis on contextual and targeted advertising. One of the most effective tools was a contextual advertising campaign that included YAN. The keywords for the advertisements have been carefully selected and optimized based on the results of market analysis and the behavior of our customers. This helped to attract a large number of potential customers, increase website traffic and improve lead conversions.

However, we were not limited to contextual advertising and also used targeted advertising, especially on the Telegram platform. We identified the most relevant audiences and created advertisements that were targeted to these user groups. Thanks to this, we were able to better convey information to the target audience, increase brand awareness and get more potential customers.

Thus, with the help of effective promotion tools, the company was able to significantly improve its visibility, attract new customers and strengthen its position in the market:

  • Conversion to the application – 6.3%
  • The cost of the application is up to 6,65 €
  • Average number of applications per month – 280
  • Subscription renewal percentage – 67%
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