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This case is dedicated to the development and promotion of a landing page for the Master TMS company, which specializes in organizing long-haul FTL cargo transportation. In the course of solving this problem, we will focus not only on creating a user-friendly interface and attractive design, but also on maximizing the conversion of visitors into customers.
The main problem of this case is that Master TMS seeks to attract new users to its cloud SaaS platform, but encounters difficulties in its promotion.
The main goal was to develop and promote a landing page for the Master TMS company in order to attract more users to its SaaS cloud system for organizing FTL trunk transportation.

What Did We Do


In order to effectively develop a strategy for attracting new users to the Master TMS cloud SaaS platform, we conducted a thorough analysis of the market in which it plans to launch.

During the analysis, we identified the main competitors of the company, studied their advantages and disadvantages, identified the needs and preferences of the target audience, as well as studied market trends and predicted changes in the industry.

In addition, we also analyzed keywords and user queries related to FTL trunk transportation to determine which queries are most in demand and how effective the current search marketing strategy is.

Site development

Based on the analysis of the market, competitors and target audience of Master TMS, we started developing a landing page.

To achieve the most effective conversion of visitors into customers, we paid attention not only to the design, but also to the content of the page. We have identified the most important benefits and features of our product and presented them on the landing page in an effective and compelling format. In addition, forms were developed to collect contact information and attract new customers.

To improve the usability of the interface, we conducted user testing, identified the most important design elements and successfully integrated them into our landing page.


To effectively promote the Master TMS website, we used a comprehensive set of tools, with an emphasis on contextual advertising.

As part of our marketing strategy, we analyzed keywords and user queries related to FTL trunk transportation and identified the most popular queries. We then created ads that grab the attention of the target audience and optimized them for the most effective keywords.

For the most accurate positioning of promotional materials, we used contextual advertising, optimizing thematic campaigns based on the needs and preferences of the audience.

Thus, with the help of effective promotion tools, the company was able to significantly improve its visibility, attract new customers and strengthen its position in the market:

  • Conversion to the application – 4.7%
  • The cost of the application is 21,84 €
  • Average number of applications per month – 18
  • Percentage of implementation – 56%
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