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This case examines the successful implementation of a project to create a website for the Prime Assistant company, specializing in providing a wide range of services for a comfortable stay in Phuket.
Prime Assistant was faced with a lack of web presence, which prevented them from effectively presenting their services in the online environment. Without having its own website, the company lost the opportunity to attract new customers and inform about its capabilities.
The main goal was to create an informative and functional website in Russian and English, capable of describing in detail the services provided, attracting new clients and consolidating the company’s position in the tourism industry.

What was done


At the stage of a thorough analysis of the scope of activity of the Prime Assistant company, namely the tourism market, certain steps were taken to identify current trends and characteristics of consumer demand. The results confirmed that modern tourists show significant interest in personalized concierge services, including personalized tours and comprehensive assistance in resolving legal issues.rnrnThe main requirements and preferences of the target audience were clearly identified. The analysis confirmed that the ease of using online services for ordering services, as well as the promptness of resolving emerging issues, are highly appreciated. These parameters become key factors for attracting and retaining customers.rnrnIn addition, during the review of competitors’ activities, the strengths and weaknesses of their online presence were highlighted. We noticed that competitors successfully implement loyalty programs for regular customers, which attracts increased attention from the audience.

Site development

Based on the results of extensive analytics, a strategic plan was developed for the Prime Assistant website, focused on highlighting unique and personalized experiences. A strategic decision was made to focus on the use of interactive tools, including easy navigation and intuitive functionality for selecting services.rnrnTo emphasize the individuality and preferences of tourists, a unique website design was developed. Bright and colorful elements reflect the holiday atmosphere in Phuket, and demonstration images of the area and services provided were also integrated to create a unique visual experience. The use of well-chosen icons on various elements of the text complemented the site, serving as an example of the successful implementation of infographics to give the text a structured look.rnrnParticular attention was paid to ensuring the website’s responsiveness, which ensures its ease of use on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, this aspect is considered a prerequisite for a successful presence in the Internet space.rnrnAs part of the development, elements of interaction with users were also created and integrated. Convenient subscription and application forms have been added to speed up the interaction process. A personal account with chat functions, which allows for prompt communication with the company and the ability to send and receive documents online. And the presence of a button to switch from the Russian-language version of the site to the English-language version expands the possibilities of receiving applications and attracting users from different parts of the world.

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