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Development and promotion of the online store "Optics NEXT" - a store specializing in the sale of frames, sunglasses and contact lenses from the world's leading brands. As part of the case, the key stages of developing, implementing and optimizing the functionality of a web store, as well as effective promotion and marketing strategies in social networks, contextual advertising and other communication channels are considered.
A site with an outdated design and functionality that could not meet the requirements and expectations of customers. This had a negative impact on attracting new customers and, as a result, on the number of sales. Accordingly, the main task was to create a new online store site that could improve the user experience and, thereby, significantly increase sales.
Development of a new website that meets the requirements and expectations of users. Implementation of an intuitive design, easy navigation and engaging content on the site that will help increase customer satisfaction, as well as creating an effective promotion strategy aimed at attracting more buyers. As a result, the main goal of the project is to significantly increase sales and achieve sustainable business growth.

What Did We Do


To complete the task and develop an optimal strategy for promoting the Optika NEXT online store, the team first conducted a detailed audit of the available resources and previously implemented marketing activities. This analysis revealed weaknesses and decisive factors that contributed to poor sales results. Based on the information received, the specialists developed a new comprehensive promotion plan, which included identifying the strengths of the company’s activities, establishing target audiences and creating effective directions for marketing efforts to increase sales and improve the breadth and depth of interaction with customers.

Site development

After the analysis and preparation of a new promotion plan, the team began to develop the Optika NEXT online store. The site structure was developed, the menu and product categories were optimized to simplify the process of searching and choosing suitable products. Integration of a convenient shopping cart and a secure payment system, ensuring the reliability and protection of user data.


As part of this work, a quiz was created with the aim of attracting customers to offline points of sale, increasing engagement and facilitating conversions in the long term.

Various areas were included in the direct implementation of the new promotion strategy, such as advertising campaigns, content optimization for search engines (SEO) and the expansion of the company’s activity in social media (SMM). The integrated application of these areas allowed us to maximize the reach of the audience and increase sales, realizing the main goal of the project – ensuring sustainable business growth.

Thus, thanks to a competent advertising strategy and thoughtful SEO optimization, we got the following result:

  • Website conversion 5.2% to sales
  • The cost of the application is about 4,75 €
  • Average check – 71,20 €
  • Average number of sales per month – 170
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