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Development and promotion of an online fabric store on a turnkey basis. The following key points were implemented: the creation of a multifunctional online store with a user-friendly interface, the provision of a high-quality catalog of fabrics for the target audience, as well as the development of an effective online marketing strategy.
Lack of an online store and insufficient number of purchase requests. Traditional offline sales channels no longer provided the desired level of profitability and market share expansion. Therefore, there was a need to create an online resource to attract new customers and increase the company's turnover.
Development and promotion of a turnkey online fabric store and implementation of a content marketing strategy that would significantly increase the number of applications, improve brand awareness and expand the customer base.

What Did We Do


The first step was to conduct a competitive analysis in order to study the state of the market, identify the main players and determine their capabilities and advantages. The results of the analysis were an understanding of the main competitors, their strategies, assortment and pricing policy.

Based on the information received, a business promotion strategy was formed, which took into account the specifics of the fabric market, the needs of the target audience and the company’s own advantages. The strategy included adapting the product to customer needs, determining the best communication channels and developing an advertising campaign plan.

Site development

After conducting research and formulating a strategy, the next stage was the development of an online store. In the process of creating the site, the approach to separating user roles for retail and wholesale customers using personal accounts was taken into account, which made it possible to provide different conditions depending on the type of order and the volume of purchases.

In addition, for the convenience of users and the optimization of logistics processes, various transport companies were integrated, which provided the ability to instantly calculate the cost of delivery on the site. To make secure payments on the platform, acquiring was connected, which ensures reliable and fast processing of payment transactions.


Further, advertising campaigns were launched, and SEO-optimization of the resource was started. As part of SEO optimization, the internal and external link structure was set up, content, metadata and other technical elements of the site were optimized, generally aimed at improving its position in search engines.

Thus, thanks to a competent advertising strategy and thoughtful SEO optimization, we got the following result:

  • Website conversion 4.1% to sales
  • The cost of the application is about 7,60 €
  • Average check – 120 €
  • Average number of sales per month – 250
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