Design for the landing page of the AIM division of Nicomax

About what
This case focuses on the development of a landing page design for the AIM division - automated infrastructure management (automated infrastructure management) of Nicomax, in order to improve the presentation of this product in the web space.
Nicomax's AIM division lacked the attention and detail of the company as a whole. The page dedicated to the AIM system did not encourage the potential client to purchase it and further cooperate with the company.
The goal of developing the landing page design was to create an attractive and informative page that could attract the attention of potential customers. The main objectives included providing clear product information, demonstrating the benefits and capabilities of the aim system, and simplifying the ordering and information request process.

What was done


Having examined the scope of the company’s activities, it became clear that the system is quite complex and for its acquisition by a potential client it is necessary to carry out a lot of preparations. We analyzed the current page on the Nicomax website dedicated to this system. As a result, we identified some problems Рthe page was not structured, was not very informative and did not perform a key function Рto encourage visitors to purchase a product or leave an application.rnIn the process of analysis, we identified the key needs of the target audience Рquick and convenient access to submitting an application, visual presentation of the product and highlighting opportunities that the aimrn system can offer. Having analyzed foreign competitors, we noted that it is very important to clearly answer on the page most of the basic questions that the client may have Рwhat area is the system suitable for, why is it profitable for the client to purchase and use AIM right now, what is the installation process of this system.

Design development

After collecting information and analysis, we began creating a landing page prototype. Subsequent detailed development of each block included visual design, development of the structure of the landing page and each block as a whole, development of layout versions for the resolutions of all devices, as well as a UI kit. rnrnAlthough Nicomax’s corporate accent color is orange, we decided to use cool shades for the main colors, such as blue, cyan, gray, which can intuitively remind the user of fiber optics. But in order not to lose the visual connection with the company, we specifically added Nicomax colors. And for greater atmosphere, a design forming element in the form of lines, reminiscent of a cross field, was stretched across the entire landing page.rnDuring the design, we focused a lot of attention on telling the potential client about the system in detail, but as briefly as possible, and giving the opportunity to leave a request in almost any block on page.rnOur client has no Russian competitors, and foreign ones have ceased their activities in the country. Therefore, based on our analysis of the scope of activity of the company and their competitors, we decided to develop the design of additional blocks – comparison with competitors whose companies we are replacing, which will leave an unprecedented impression of the system on future clients, and this information will also improve the position of the landing page in search results.rnB As a result, we received a clearly structured landing page about the AIM system, which will give the user a complete understanding of the product and increase conversion.

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