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In this case study, we will share the stages of developing a website for the company VIK, specializing in the production of metal products. We will delve into the interaction with the technical specifications, discuss the challenges encountered in creating a unique design, cover the coding process, implementation of 1C, and the migration of the website to the client's hosting.
The main drawback of the current company website is evident in the outdated design of information blocks and an overloaded color palette, creating an impression of untidiness. Additionally, the expansion of the company's activities has introduced new products that have not been integrated into the website, diminishing its relevance and functionality.
We set the goal of a complete overhaul of the VIK company's website to enhance its competitiveness. Our mission included not only creating a design that aligns with the company's status according to the brand book but also editing information, adding new sections, ensuring convenient navigation in desktop and adaptive versions, and integrating with 1C for optimized product uploads.

What Did We Do


Within the framework of the VIK project, aimed at creating a modern catalog website to promote metal products, analytics played a crucial role. To successfully implement the client’s visual concept and ensure an optimal user experience, our team conducted a thorough analysis of design requirements, drawing on experience and current trends in the industrial manufacturing sector.

The client provided a clear prototype that served as an integral guide for further development. A crucial aspect of the analysis was a complete understanding of the provided prototype and functional description, ensuring the final result aligned with the client’s expectations.

However, during the analysis, opportunities for improving user interaction were identified. Our designers proposed additional solutions aimed at enhancing navigation, improving information perception, and overall site aesthetics. These proposals were carefully justified, relying on the analysis of similar solutions in the industrial manufacturing industry. After extensive discussion of the proposed changes to the layout’s technical specifications, our suggestions were approved, and the final agreement on the design concept was reached.

As a result of the analysis, a balance was struck between adhering to the provided layout and implementing innovations to enhance functionality and user interaction efficiency on the website. The analytical phase of the project became a key element in creating a unique and intuitively understandable interface capable of effectively representing the VIK company and its products in the online space.

Site development

The website development phase was a crucial stage, involving the resolution of a series of complex tasks related to implementing the layout design, designing, and programming with 1C: Bitrix Site Management. After the successful alignment of the overall design concept, our team promptly created layouts for more than 30 pages of the future website. These layouts included not only the main elements of the pages but also additional components such as pop-ups, search bar functionality, burger menus, email newsletter design, and adaptive versions for various devices, including tablets and phones.

Transitioning to the coding phase, involving the use of HTML, CSS, and JS, as well as applying responsive and cross-browser coding using the pixel-perfect method, additional questions arose regarding the functionality of the future product and obtaining a license for Bitrix usage. Thanks to the timely resolution of all emerging issues, our team maintained a high level of performance and successfully completed the coding work on our hosting.

Upon obtaining the necessary access to the client’s server, the project was successfully transferred. At this stage, functionality was implemented, and the system for uploading products from 1C to the website was integrated.

After thorough testing of all functional elements, feedback forms, and transitions between pages, the first release of the website was successfully presented to the client. Customer feedback was promptly addressed, and after the final release, the project was approved and delivered, concluding the website development phase for the VIK company.

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