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This case examines the process of a complete overhaul of the web presence for "RTP," a company specializing in providing services in the field of fire safety. Throughout the case, we will delve into the detailed steps to be taken to create an effective and contemporary website, capable of not only capturing the attention of the target audience but also enhancing the company's competitiveness in its industry.
The current website was overloaded with textual information that no longer accurately reflected the company's offerings. The content lacked structure, and pricing information was absent for specific services, causing difficulties in engaging with potential clients. The clients themselves acknowledged that the website was initially designed with a focus on SEO, resulting in a visual presentation that fell short of expectations.
The primary goal is the comprehensive redesign of the website to increase competitiveness. Our mission involved not only updating the visual elements of the site but also editing the published information and developing new sections. The aim was to create a powerful online tool capable of effectively representing the company on the internet and providing comprehensive information about the offered services.

What Did We Do


To carry out a successful redesign of the “RTP” web resource in the field of fire safety, a comprehensive analysis was conducted. The analytical research encompassed a thorough review of current trends in the industry, a forecast of demand for fire safety services, and a detailed analysis of competitors, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

During the analysis of market trends, it was discovered that consumers currently show active interest in innovative solutions in the field of fire safety. They highly value the outstanding quality of services provided within reasonable financial constraints, a variety of approaches to problem-solving, and the presence of relevant certifications confirming the right to operate in the field of fire safety. These factors were taken into consideration in conceptualizing the new website, including updating graphic content, revising pricing information, adding relevant certifications from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and reviewing texts to enhance the effectiveness of reaching the target audience.

Site development

The update of the “RTP” internet resource encompasses not only the enhancement of the visual aspect but also the creation of a functional and structured online space. This space features a user-friendly interface, organized information about the provided services, and a simple website navigation system. Based on a competitor analysis considering their strengths and weaknesses, a corporate website covering all aspects of “RTP” activities in the field of fire safety was developed.

One of the key changes involved the implementation of an improved color palette aimed at capturing users’ attention. A burgundy-white color scheme was chosen, considering its association with the concept of fire safety. Burgundy, as a shade of red, is traditionally associated with fire extinguishers, firefighting tools, and other elements related to fire safety. This choice of color palette was made to reinforce the visual identification of the company’s scope of work on the website and to evoke associations with reliability and safety.

Additionally, the previous version of the website contained outdated and unappealing content, which was replaced with modern and individually formatted text. This step aimed to refresh the informational content, providing a more current and structured representation of the offered services. Attention to detail in text distribution creates a positive impression of interacting with the website. The update contributed to achieving harmony between textual and visual content, enhancing the overall user experience.

An important change was the integration of feedback forms, facilitating the interaction of potential clients with company representatives. This provides a convenient way for visitors to obtain necessary information and ask questions, thereby elevating the level of service and the efficiency of customer interaction.

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