Business site for a tour operator on the Kola Peninsula TUNDRA HOUSE

About what
The article describes the case of creating a new website for the Kola Peninsula tour operator Tundra House, describing in detail the problems of the previous website, the goals set, the results of analytics and the process of developing a new website.
Tour operator Tundra House's old website had a stylistically outdated design and confusing structure, making it difficult for users, especially new ones, to navigate. This could lead to a poor user experience, lost potential customers, and reduced conversions.
Our goal was to create a new WordPress site with a clear structure and modern design that will make the process of searching for information easy and enjoyable for visitors. And site management is accessible to the business owner. We aimed to improve the user experience, increase conversion and strengthen the company's image.

What was done


To create a new website, we conducted a detailed analysis of the Tundra House website. This included studying the design and structure of the site, content, functionality, as well as competitor sites. The results showed that site visitors are primarily interested in the ability to quickly and easily book a tour or ask a question, as well as: detailed information about various tours, including routes, schedule, cost, level of difficulty and photographs of attractions of the Kola Peninsula; information about additional services such as transfer, meals, accommodation and insurance; reviews of previous clients about tours and services; detailed information about the tour operator, its experience and qualifications; useful tips and recommendations for travelers visiting the Kola Peninsula (for example, a list of necessary equipment, safety tips, etc.). After collecting and analyzing all the data, we developed a structure for the new site and took into account best practices on the design and accessibility of the site to ensure convenience and attractiveness for users. In addition, during the review of competitors’ activities, the strengths and weaknesses of sites in this area were highlighted. It is noticeable that competitors focus on bright and interesting photo and video content, which most attracts travelers.

Site development

Based on the analytical results, a plan was developed for the implementation of the TUNDRA HOUSE company website, focused on highlighting the individual capabilities of each tourist. A strategic decision was made to focus on the use of interactive tools, including easy navigation and intuitive functionality for selecting services.To emphasize the individuality and preferences of tourists, a unique website design was developed. Bright and colorful photos and videos were integrated, reflecting the atmosphere of recreation on the Kola Peninsula to create a unique visual impression. The use of well-chosen icons on various elements of the text complemented the site, serving as an example of the successful implementation of infographics in order to give the text a structured look.Particular attention was paid to ensuring the adaptability of the site, which ensures its ease of use on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, this aspect is considered a prerequisite for a successful presence in the Internet space.As part of the development, elements of interaction with users were also created and integrated. Convenient subscription and application forms were added to speed up the interaction process.Also, the site was integrated with various services: Bitrix 24, TravelLine, Calltouch, for the convenience of working with company applications.Thus, the new website for the tour operator Tundra House was developed taking into account the needs of users, modern technologies and company goals, which made it possible to improve the user experience and efficiency of interaction with customers.


To effectively track statistics and analyze user behavior on the TUNDRA HOUS website, we have set up tracking goals. This will provide valuable information about traffic, interaction with various elements of the site and conversion.

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