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This case is dedicated to the process of reimagining the web presence of Firestop-3S, a company specializing in fire protection solutions. We will discuss the upgrade of their existing website, the creation of a modern design, improvements in usability, and compatibility with various devices.
The company had an outdated website that did not meet modern design and functionality requirements. Without considering new technologies and user demands, the website could not effectively showcase Firestop-3S products and support customer interest.
Our task was to create a modern website that focuses on product quality and ensures convenient interaction with users. The website redesign also involved adding new sections to attract customers, strengthen loyalty, and create a positive impression.

What Did We Do


The analytics phase of the project for Firestop-3S involved researching the fire protection solutions industry and consumer behavior. In the initial stage, an analysis of current trends in fire protection technologies, identification of key market players, and assessment of their strategies were conducted. By scrutinizing competitors’ activities, successful practices and shortcomings were identified, helping to avoid common mistakes.

An important aspect was studying consumer demand. Surveys and reviews were conducted to understand which characteristics of fire protection compounds were more valuable to customers. It was revealed that consumers actively seek comprehensive solutions and are more inclined to trust domestically sourced raw materials.

Another aspect of analytics was the exploration of competitors’ existing web spaces. Analyzing their websites revealed that many focus on visual appeal and navigation simplicity, elements incorporated in the further development of the site.

Site development

During the website development phase for Firestop-3S, it was decided to completely overhaul the structure and design. One of the key goals was to create a modern and informative web space reflecting the professionalism and reliability of the company. The structure was designed to make product information easily accessible, featuring an intuitive menu with sections like “Products,” “About Us,” and “Contact.” Brief descriptions of industries and products were added for quick understanding.

Creating the user interface involved working on the color palette, fonts, and element placement. Analysis revealed that many competitors use warm colors on their sites, creating associations with safety and comfort. Using this information, a color scheme incorporating shades of orange and red was chosen during development to create a positive brand perception and subconsciously associate with fire protection.

To enhance visual appeal, animations and graphic elements were added. This included smooth transitions between sections, visual effects on mouse hover for information retrieval, and animated elements for products, completed works, and the company’s history on the timeline. Feedback forms were integrated, offering options to request a callback, seek consultation, and “Learn More” buttons with animated transitions for convenient navigation. The use of such elements on the homepage and product pages aimed to retain visitors’ attention and make their stay on the site more engaging.

Integration of video materials showcasing the usage and production processes of fire protection compounds, along with graphics demonstrating advanced technologies, was employed to reinforce the perception of the company’s quality and innovation. A video tour of the production facilities with detailed descriptions of the stages of fire protection compound creation was placed on the homepage.

Content creation involved developing unique texts about the products, their advantages, and application methods. The process included writing usage case studies in real scenarios, complementing the website with attention-grabbing information for potential customers.

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