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The case describes the development and promotion of a corporate website for Evolve Partners, which specializes in providing services in the field of M&A, describes the process of creating and promoting a website based on the requirements and goals of the company.
The main problem faced by Evolve Partners was that the lack of a corporate website prevented it from attracting new customers and expanding its customer base. In today's business environment, where many transactions and communications take place online, not having a website has meant losing significant market share and missing opportunities for business growth.
Develop a website for Evolve Partners, which will help the company to acquaint its potential clients with the expertise of the team and the reliability of the services provided. In addition, the site should be a powerful tool for attracting new clients in the field of M&A, expanding the client base and establishing the company's position in the market.

What Did We Do

Analytics & Site development

For the successful development of the site for Evolve Partners, a thorough analysis of the market and the specifics of the M&A industry was carried out. One of the main characteristics of the industry is a small amount of traffic, but high bills, which requires a special strategy to attract and retain customers.

Since the creation of the site was a key element of the company’s strategy to increase the client base, it was decided to focus on presenting the company and demonstrating its expertise and capabilities through case studies. For this, detailed work was carried out to select and analyze cases that best reflected the company’s successful experience in M&A and could serve as the basis for promoting its services on the website.

In the process of market analysis, the most effective and modern methods of website design and promotion were identified, taking into account the uniqueness and specifics of the Evolve Partners business. In addition, monitoring of competitors and market trends was carried out, which made it possible to create a site that meets the latest standards of web design and functionality.

As a result of the analysis and development of the site, a unique online platform was created that allows the company to present its services and experience, attract new customers, work on establishing connections with the existing audience and strengthen its position in the M&A market.


Several channels were chosen for effective website promotion, but the main one was Yandex.Direct search advertising. A thorough adjustment of the advertising account was carried out, which included the selection of keywords, writing ads and selecting the target audience.

One of the key tasks in the promotion of the site was to attract new customers and increase brand awareness of the company. To achieve this goal, a series of advertising campaigns were carried out, targeting different segments of the target audience. These tools allowed to reach a wider audience and increase the number of clicks to the site.

The result of successful promotion was an increase in traffic on the site, an increase in the number of requests for consultation and strengthening the position of the company’s brand in the M&A market. Using search advertising Yandex. Direct and other promotion tools allowed the company to quickly achieve results and improve its performance in online marketing:

  • Failures on the site – up to 19%
  • Time on site – 3:26
  • Conversion on the site 4.6% to the application
  • Average number of calls per month – 31
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