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About what
This case describes the process of developing and successfully launching a website for the Ceiling Pro company, specializing in the installation and repair of suspended ceilings.
The Ceiling Pro company was faced with the lack of its own online resource, which led to missed opportunities to attract customers via the Internet. Lack of company information online reduced visibility and competitiveness.
The goal was to create an informative and attractive website that could not only present the company’s services, but also create a convenient product for users interested in installing and repairing suspended ceilings. The main goal was to increase the number of requests for services and consolidate the company’s position in the Internet space.

What was done


Having started the development process for the Ceiling Prou company, our team conducted an in-depth analysis of the installation and repair of suspended ceilings. The main trends in the industry were identified, such as increased interest in environmentally friendly materials and innovative technologies in this area. An increased demand for illuminated ceilings and the use of modern design solutions were discovered.rnrnBy analyzing market research data, the target audience and its desires and interests were identified. Among potential clients, one can highlight a preference for high quality services, as well as attention to design and modern trends in the field of suspended ceilings. An analysis of the web presence and strategies of competitors in this area was carried out. Based on the example of discovering that some competitors successfully attract customers with loyalty programs and promotions, it was decided to implement on the Polotochnik website a promotional offer when passing a quiz to quickly collect data from the client and receive a new application.rnrnUsing the example of discovering that a competitor lacks a detailed description of the technologies used When installing ceilings, it was decided to focus on the Services section, providing detailed information about the materials used and installation methods.

Site development

Based on the results of the analysis, we have developed unique and informative content representing the Ceiling Pro company. Photographs and videos were organized to best demonstrate the high quality of work performed. The design team created a visual design for the site that combines the company’s style with the preferences of the target audience. The design includes animated elements that added interactivity and improved the visual experience. Optimized distribution of information on the site makes the services offered easier to perceive and understand. The Articles section has been added to regularly update content, which facilitates promotion through search engines.rnrnIn order to provide users with the most convenient format for interaction with the company, feedback and application forms have been developed, providing a quick and easy way of communication, and Venyoo chat has also been connected. Interactive site elements have been implemented to enhance visitor engagement and retention. As part of the technical implementation, modern solutions were selected for optimal performance and fast response of the website. An adaptive design has also been developed, which ensures convenient use of the site on all devices.

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