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The case describes the process of creating and promoting a web resource for a company engaged in the design and engineering of buildings and structures. During the development of the site, the following stages were carried out: analysis of the goals and needs of the customer, development of design, functionality and content of the site, testing and launch of the project, as well as SEO optimization and promotion.
The main problem faced by the architectural bureau Bricks Project was the lack of a web resource, which made it difficult to attract and retain customers in a highly competitive environment. Due to the lack of a website, the company could not demonstrate its projects and services to potential buyers.
The main goal of the project to develop and promote a web resource for the architectural bureau Bricks Project was to build an effective sales system in the digital sphere and create an interactive portfolio presentation to attract potential clients.

What Did We Do


Before starting the development of the site for the Bricks Project, a market analysis was carried out in order to understand what requirements need to be taken into account. First of all, the marketing strategy and structure of the future site were thought out. A team of specialists analyzed competitors’ websites, highlighted their advantages and disadvantages, and studied the interests and preferences of the potential audience.

Site development

Based on the marketing strategy, a convenient site structure and navigation was developed, as well as a unique design that best met the needs of customers and the customer. Further, the development of the resource was directly carried out with an emphasis on the Services and Portfolio sections. In the Services section, all the services provided were described in detail with prices and contact details. The Portfolio section presents the work of the company with a detailed description of each project and photographs.


Website promotion is an important stage of its successful functioning. To promote the previously created corporate website, the following steps were taken. First of all, SEO optimization methods were used to improve the position of the site in search results. The specialists analyzed the content of the site and made the necessary changes to optimize it for search queries. Competitor analysis was also carried out, which helped to identify the most effective promotion methods. As part of this stage, work would also be carried out with the content and internal structure of the site to improve its quality.

The final stage was the implementation of a marketing strategy – the launch of advertising in Yandex.Direct. Key queries were highlighted and ads were generated that were optimized for maximum efficiency. Test campaigns were run to determine the most effective ad options. Advertising appeared on the pages of search engines and on advertising platforms, which led to an increase in visitors to the site and an increase in potential customers.

Thus, with the help of effective promotion tools, the company was able to significantly improve its visibility, attract new customers and strengthen its position in the market:

  • Failures on the site – up to 14%
  • Time on site – 5:07
  • Conversion on the site 2.6% to the application
  • Average number of calls per month – 49
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