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The Boltzavod company is a leading manufacturer of metal products with successful experience in retail sales through an online store. However, in an effort to further develop and strengthen its position in the market, it decided to expand its business in the B2B segment.
The Boltzavod company was faced with a significant problem - the lack of a special web resource for corporate clients in the B2B segment. This led to the inability to effectively interact with large customers and the loss of a significant volume of potential transactions.
The goal of the project was to successfully create a B2B website for a company that already carried out retail trade in an online store. The main task was to attract corporate clients in the field of metal products production, providing them with convenient tools for orders and partnerships.

What Did We Do


Our team was faced with the task of creating a web space for the Boltzavod company in order to attract clients in the B2B sphere and offer products in the field of metal products production. To achieve this goal, a thorough market analysis was carried out and a marketing strategy was drawn up.

The market analysis included studying competitors, analyzing demand for metal products, researching consumer preferences, and assessing the company’s current online presence. This made it possible to identify the key advantages of Boltzavod and highlight the main areas that should be focused on when creating a website.

Site development

Taking into account the results of the analysis, a corporate website was developed that stood out with its unique design and functionality. The main attention was paid to the description of the equipment used and the company’s services offered.

The site contained information about a wide range of Boltzavod products, including detailed technical specifications and photographs. Information about the company, its history, mission and values was also presented.

However, the site was not limited to just informative content. It was possible to communicate with company representatives through special feedback forms. This made it easy for potential clients to get the information they needed and ask questions.


The final stage was setting up analytics to track traffic and user behavior on the site. This allowed the company to evaluate the effectiveness of its web presence and make adjustments to its marketing strategy.

To attract customers in the B2B segment, advertising campaigns were launched in Yandex.Direct. The advertising was designed taking into account the keywords and phrases most in demand in the industry. This helped attract the attention of potential customers and increase traffic on the Boltzavod website.

Thus, with the help of effective promotion tools, the company was able to significantly improve its visibility, attract new customers and strengthen its position in the market:

  • Failures on the site – up to 15%
  • Time on site – 2:20
  • Conversion on the site 4.4% per application
  • Average number of requests per month – 87
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