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This case describes a complete website update and marketing strategy for a zero-cycle construction company. The case will consider the tasks that the project team faced, namely, increasing sales and attracting new customers, as well as ways to solve them.
The main problem was an outdated website that did not meet modern requirements, was inconvenient to use, which could create a negative impression among potential customers and reduce sales efficiency. In turn, the outdated marketing strategy did not allow the company to increase the number of customers and did not represent the company well in the market.
The main goal of the project was a complete renewal of the website and the marketing strategy of Aistera. When developing a new site, it was necessary to take into account all the requirements for a modern web resource, namely: ease of use, accessibility for different types of devices and browsers, fast page loading, high-quality and informative content, and much more.

What Did We Do


Before developing a new website and marketing strategy, an audit of the current resources of the Aistera company and an analysis of the construction services market was carried out. This made it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as to identify the potential for improvement. As part of the competitor analysis, successful examples of other companies in the industry, their marketing strategies and strengths were studied.

Site development

Further, the development of a new corporate site-catalog for the company Aistera began. Work was carried out on the design and layout of the site, the creation of informative and selling texts, as well as site optimization for search engines. The site was integrated with the CRM system, which made it possible to conveniently manage applications and customer requests.


The next step was to introduce a new marketing strategy, which included a set of tools to promote Aistera on the market. An advertising campaign was launched, which included contextual and targeted advertising on various sites, which helped to attract new customers. An SEO project was launched that optimized the company’s website for search engines, increasing its visibility and attractiveness to potential customers. SMM strategies have also been introduced to increase popularity and attract new customers through social networks.

Thanks to these stages of work, Aistera was able to significantly improve its position in the construction services market. The new site has become more convenient and informative for customers, and the new marketing strategy has helped to achieve a significant increase in sales and attract new customers through various channels:

  • Conversion on the site 5.9% to the application
  • The cost of the application is about 21,84 €
  • Average check — 855 €
  • Average number of applications per month – 210
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