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About what
This case examines the process of developing a website for Upmarket, a modern supermarket, whose goal was to redesign, provide new functionality and improve convenience for customers.
UpMarket was faced with the need to update its website, which did not fully meet modern requirements. The main problem was the limited functionality of the existing website, the inconvenience of the user interface and the inability to order products for delivery online.
The goal of the project was to create a modern website that focuses on ease of use on various devices and adding new functionality, such as a user’s personal account and the ability to order online with delivery. The company sought to strengthen customer loyalty, attract new audiences and improve its overall image.

What was done


The analytics phase of website development for UpMarket was key to understanding the current state and defining a strategy for a successful design. In the first stage, our team conducted a thorough research of the company’s existing website. We analyzed every aspect, from the user interface to the content structure.rnrnWe conducted an in-depth analysis of the current UpMarket website, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. User experience problems were identified, such as inconvenient navigation and ineffective structure. An important step was the analysis of the company’s requirements. We held meetings with UpMarket representatives and identified their expectations and strategic goals. The company expressed a desire to improve the ability to order products for delivery and create personal accounts for users.rnrnAnalysis of competitor sites helped us identify best practices in the industry and highlight features that could attract customers. For example, we have identified successful solutions in organizing online orders and the structure of personal accounts.

Site development

The website development phase for UpMarket focused on creating a modern, functional and attractive web space that met all identified requirements. A custom design was developed that reflected the style and values of the brand. The color palette takes into account warm shades that create an atmosphere of comfort and taste, and also adds bright colors for such important elements as the “Order delivery” buttons, promotions and offers, subscription to the newsletter and ordering feedback.rnrnA logical website structure has been created, ensuring a simple and intuitive navigation. Thus, brighter buttons were added for quick access to sections and improved user experience. A full-fledged user account was introduced, where customers can store information about orders and set their preferences. rnrnAll content has been optimized for search engines, taking into account the identified keywords. Meta tags, unique content were added and images were optimized for all standards of a modern website.rnrnBefore launch, the website was thoroughly tested on various devices and browsers, the online order functionality was checked on various devices to ensure its correct operation and correct display all elements in the mobile and tablet versions and ease of site navigation.

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