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This case describes a project to develop a portal for a wholesale supplier of accessories and spare parts for passenger cars under the KurumaKit trademark in order to automate the processing of applications and reduce company costs.
The problem faced by the online store KurumaKit was that the company was not sufficiently automated, which led to a decrease in the efficiency of operations and an increase in the load on store employees. In particular, the company experienced slow order processing, errors in ordering, low accuracy in inventory accounting and inventory control, and stress associated with the need to manually perform routine operations.
The objectives of the project are to create an effective system for managing the company's business processes, ensuring the optimization of sales processes and reducing the time to complete order processing operations. The KurumaKit portal will help speed up the process of transferring information between departments of the company, transfer paper work to an online format and reduce the number of errors in the order processing process.

What Did We Do


To analyze business processes, a thorough audit of the current order and inventory management system was carried out, which made it possible to identify the main problems in the operation of the KurumaKit online store. Based on the data obtained, an automation solution was proposed, which included the development of an online store website with automated order management and inventory management systems.

This solution significantly reduced order processing time, improved inventory accuracy, and increased customer loyalty through faster and more accurate order fulfillment and order status notifications. The automated order management system also allows you to quickly set up reports and analyze order data to improve business processes and make the right decisions in the future.


After analyzing the needs of customers and evaluating current processes, it was decided to develop a portal to improve the company’s business processes and improve the quality of customer service. Based on the information collected, the main requirements for the portal were determined, which included automatic calculation of discounts, personal account, workflow and CRM.

To meet these requirements, a portal was developed. An intuitive and easy-to-use system for automatically calculating discounts was created, which made it possible to increase the level of customer loyalty and reduce the burden on company employees. A personal account (PA) was also put into operation for the convenience and speed of obtaining information about orders, current discounts and account balance.

To automate the workflow between clients and the company, an e-mail system was implemented that allows you to send and receive electronic documents in one click, while maintaining the full history of correspondence and the integrity of documents.

The CRM system was implemented to optimize the customer contact management process and improve the quality of service. It allows you to automatically capture all customer requests and add them to a single database, which simplifies coordination within the company and allows you to monitor and improve the level of service in real time.

Thus, all the decisions made during the development of the portal allowed to improve the company’s business processes, increase the efficiency of operations and improve the quality of customer service:

  • Average time to process an application – reduced by 5 times;
  • Return buyer (Retention rate) – an increase of 40%
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