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This case is devoted to the creation and development of the online store Eco-Pitomnik, which specializes in the sale of garden plants in the online segment in the B2C format. Within the framework of the case, key aspects of creating a high-quality Internet resource are considered: market competitiveness analysis, selection of the optimal platform for website hosting, development of functional and technical requirements, creation of a product catalog, and much more.
The main problem of Eco-Pitomnik was the lack of its own online resource, which made it difficult to advance in the online market segment. Having a quality website is an important indicator for B2C companies. The absence of a website negatively affected the company's reputation, which, in turn, could lead to the loss of potential customers and competition in the market.
Creation of a high-quality online store with an integrated CRM system in order to develop sales of garden plants in the online segment of the B2C format. The online resource should be user-friendly for customers and provide a complete catalog of products with detailed descriptions and characteristics.

What Did We Do

Analytics & Site development

Several stages of work were carried out to analyze and develop the site of the company Eco-Pitomnik. After creating the Terms of Reference, the development team began to design and develop the interface of the online store, taking into account all the functionality and requirements.

As a result of this work, a high-quality online store was created that meets all the requirements. It included a built-in CRM system and was ready for successful promotion and development.


For the successful promotion of the Eco-Pitomnik online store, a number of measures were taken in the field of marketing and advertising. First of all, advertising campaigns were launched, as well as targeted advertising on social networks and other resources. This allowed us to attract more potential customers to the site and increase traffic.

Further, to improve the visibility of the site, internal and external SEO-optimization was carried out. Internal optimization included changing the text and multimedia content of the site, describing meta tags and page titles, taking into account keywords and phrases. External optimization was associated with the promotion of the site through the link mass, improving the position of the site in search results, as well as promotion through social networks.

Thus, with the help of effective promotion tools, the company was able to significantly improve its visibility, attract new customers and strengthen its position in the market:

  • Conversion on the site 2.5% in sales
  • Average check – 142 €
  • Average number of sales per month – 130
  • The amount of sales per season – 42 250 €
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