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About what
This case is devoted to the development of design and website for the Picnic City company, specializing in renting gazebos for events and selling related products and services.
One of the main problems of the Picnic City company was an inconvenient booking system, which did not provide all the conditions, for example, payment for additional guests, the ability to purchase a package offer along with booking a gazebo, etc. In addition, the current website lacked a visual representation of the location of territories and gazebos according to their classification. There was no personal account with various convenient functions for both individuals and legal entities. Also, the company's website was not integrated with the company's internal systems, which complicated and slowed down the booking process for company employees.
The goal of the project was to develop functional requirements, create a unique website design that meets all usability rules with the ability to dynamically change content depending on the classification of gazebos, as well as develop functionality and integrations to optimize business processes for both employees and clients of the company.

What was done


A study of the leisure and entertainment industry in which the company Picnic Cityu operates, as well as an analysis of competitors, identified trends and customer needs. Thus, the visual component is important to the modern user when choosing a gazebo and product, and convenient navigation, up-to-date information about services and products and quick access to the call center will help the user make a purchasing decision and increase confidence in the company. The ability to easily and quickly book gazebos and goods, as well as a clear process and minimizing the number of actions, will significantly increase the number of conversions on the site. The introduction of loyalty programs will attract new customers and retain current ones.

Site development

Based on the analytical results, functional requirements and website design were developed. During the design development, one of the company’s requirements was to offer options for separating the classifications of areas and gazebos. Our team proposed a solution to introduce a version switch into the site header, which would change not only the classes of territories and gazebos, but also the content of the site and style – in this way we solved the issue of price segmentation of our audience. The website design was made in the style of the company‚Äôs brand book: in yellow and blue colors for the standard version and in white and blue colors for the premium version. After lengthy discussions, we presented about five options for a user path on the site that will lead to quick booking of the company’s offers. As a result, it was decided to introduce two alternative booking methods. To make it easier for the user to navigate the areas when booking, we integrated maps at each step and filters for gazebo cards. We supplemented the project with elements of an online store so that when choosing an object, the user could immediately equip it with the necessary additional equipment / services. For example, immediately order coals for the barbecue or choose the proposed package of services. We have developed a convenient personal account where the user can see the current reservation and all the information on it, the booking history of gazebos and goods, and can repeat the order. For legal entity users, the ability to request an invoice for payment through a company has been added. rnThe site was developed on the WordPress platform for convenient content management. The site was integrated with the 1C system for uploading services and goods, so that online you could immediately see the availability of an object and display only available accommodation options and the Bitrix24 system for working with applications. We have also integrated with a feedback widget for prompt communication with the company.
To pay for services, an online payment system was introduced on the site to implement the possibility of autonomous and quick ordering with minimal interaction with the manager.


As a result of our work on developing a website for the Picnic City company, we received a full-fledged service for selecting and booking gazebos, which allows visitors online to select the required location, select a suitable accommodation facility, complete, book and pay for it. The customer, for his part, receives a system fully integrated into his internal systems and business processes with automation and unification of many of them.

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