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Our team was developing a new website for the Vazuza Love project - a glamping safari on the Vazuza Reservoir. This is an interesting and complex case, which included the creation of a unique design, the development of a tool for a random or refined selection of entertainment for guests, as well as the integration of a custom interactive map and various services. Let's take a closer look at the development process.
The company's problem was that the previous site did not have enough information about glamping opportunities, and there was also no convenient system for choosing entertainment for guests. In addition, the site design required updating and modernization.
Glamping provides extensive infrastructure and opportunities for guests to enjoy and relax, which was required to be reflected on the new website. Our goal, in addition to creating a unique modern website design, was to develop a convenient tool for selecting entertainment - Kaleidoscope. Then we needed to integrate the various services needed to quickly book houses and communicate with the company. Also, to collect site performance statistics, it was important to connect Yandex. Metrics and assign goals to events.

What was done


At the stage of a thorough analysis of the Vazuza Love company’s field of activity, namely recreation and leisure, certain steps were taken to identify current trends and characteristics of consumer demand. The results obtained confirmed that modern guests of recreation centers show significant interest in the variety of entertainment and recreation opportunities on the territory of the base.rnThe basic requirements and preferences of the target audience were clearly defined. The analysis confirmed that the simplicity of the complete organization of a short-term vacation, excellent service, as well as the efficiency of resolving emerging issues are highly appreciated. These parameters become key factors for attracting and retaining customers.rnIn addition, during the review of competitors’ activities, the strengths and weaknesses of their online presence were highlighted. It is noticeable that competitors are successfully implementing loyalty programs for regular customers, which causes increased attention from the audience.rnDuring the analysis of the company’s scope of activity, our team studied the detailed technical specifications in video format from the customer. Our designers proposed additional solutions aimed at improving navigation, ease of perception of information and the overall aesthetics of the site.

Site development

The website development phase was an important stage, including the solution of a number of complex tasks in implementing the layout design, design layout and programming on the WordPress platform. After successfully agreeing on the overall layout design concept, our team created a design for more than 15 pages of the future web resource. These layouts included not only basic page elements, but also additional components such as pop-ups, search bar functionality, burger menus, and responsive versions for various devices, including tablets and phones. An important task was to offer a convenient tool for selecting entertainment for glamping guests – a kaleidoscope. Our team proposed 4 different options for the type and operation of the tool. After interviewing potential site users, a choice was made in favor of one of the options. During a lengthy discussion, the layout was agreed upon and transferred to development.rnrnThe site was developed on the WordPress platform, and the layout was carried out using HTML and CSS. The kaleidoscope was implemented using JS. For quick booking of guest accommodation, the Bnovo service has been integrated. For prompt interaction between site users and Vazuza Love, the Umnico chat is integrated. rnrnAfter complete development, we began filling the site with content provided by the customer. rnrnThen the testing phase began. Our team checked all functional elements, feedback forms and transitions between pages, and the operation of integrated services. ReCAPTCHA was enabled to protect the site. Yandex.Metrica is connected to collect statistics. The first release of the website was successfully presented to the customer. rnrnThe customer’s comments were taken into account, and after the final release the project was approved and transferred, completing the website development stage for the company Vazuza Love.rnrnIn the process of developing the site, we worked closely with the customer, constantly coordinating each stage of the work. This allowed us to create a website that meets all the client’s requirements and wishes. As a result, a convenient and functional website was developed, which became the calling card of the Vazuza Love project and an important tool for attracting guests.


To effectively track statistics and analyze user behavior on the Vazuza Love website, we have set up tracking goals. This will provide valuable information about traffic, interaction with various elements of the site and conversion.

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