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This case is dedicated to the successful creation of a modern corporate catalog website for the company RB Home. The goal of the project was to provide customers with a unique opportunity to purchase premium interior products through an intuitive and colorful online portal. It was important to reflect the company’s service - Design Project, which is provided by the company on favorable terms. And also tell designers, businesses and partners about cooperation with RB Home.
The RB Home company has a virtual space for the presentation, exclusively, of lighting and electrical products. The inability to present other categories of goods, services and terms of interaction with customers has become a significant obstacle to the company’s development in the modern market.
The goal of the project was to create a recognizable, fashionable and modern website that would not only provide customers with the opportunity to purchase products, but would also emphasize the style and premium quality of the brand. The customer’s key request was also the development of a personal account with unique capabilities for ordinary users and interior designers. An important condition was to introduce marketing techniques into the site to increase conversion on the site and increase requests for the company’s services and products.

What was done


During the analytics phase, our team conducted comprehensive research aimed at understanding the unique needs and goals of RB Home. We sought to identify the core characteristics and values of the brand, as well as best practices in the premium home furnishings industry. We’ve scrutinized the websites of premium interiors and design brands to highlight the key elements of successful online platforms. Analyzing the catalog structure and customer interactions on competitor sites allowed us to identify effective product presentation methods.rnWe held discussions with the RB Home team and identified the unique features of their brand in order to tailor the site design to match the corporate identity. Having learned that RB Home emphasizes the understated and elegant design of its products, we integrated the corresponding color schemes and structure of elements into the visual design of the site.rnWe analyzed user experience on sites similar to the company to identify pros and cons in navigation and functionality. The study found that the convenience of a personal account is a key factor in attracting interior designers. We took this into account when developing the functionality of the personal account.rnTaking into account the results of the analytics, at the site development stage steps were taken to create a unique and functional web platform for RB Home.

Site development

Our designers created a visual design that reflects the style and aesthetics of the brand. We ensured the site’s attractiveness through the use of high-quality product images and harmonious color schemes. The integration of beige and brown shades into the website design elements emphasized the premium nature of the products. Marketing elements added zest to the site design, both visually and functionally. The choice of the Bitrix platform ensured ease of content and functionality management, giving the RB Home team flexibility in managing the site. Integration with Bitrix ensures fast order processing and updating of the product catalog. A personal account with individual functions for ordinary users and designers was developed. This included the ability to create articles and interact with 3D models of products. Designers can easily publish their projects and interact with clients through their personal account, creating a unique brand experience. rnIntegration of the site with AmoCRM will allow the company to quickly process every order and every request from the site. The addition of quizzes and landing pages further focused attention on the product and attracted various categories of customers. Quiz quizzes such as Find Your Style have created engaging content and increased engagement with site visitors. We have ensured that the site is displayed correctly on all devices, which allows customers to conveniently use the site on tablets and smartphones. The adaptive design of the RB Home website ensures equally convenient interaction with the platform on any device.

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